New Age Provisions' roots made it from slaves on the ship, to sharecroppers in the South, to advanced hydroponic farming in the city. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire and ability to use the land to feed our families and our communities. 


 Mario Vitalis, is the owner and founder of New Age Provisions Farms. Farming is a way for him to connect with his ancestors and provide for his family in similar way to what his great grandparents did in the South. New Age farming is a way of using technology to feed our families and communities and fill a need for local foods. We are not bound to the rules of traditional farming. Technology allows us a new way to farm and a fresh take on the supply chain.


Growing produce in hydroponic containers allows us to grow year-round, fresh produce and plants, down the street from the families and restaurants that need them.


Buy from a hyperlocal supplier to taste the difference in quality and flavor.