A farmer isn’t defined by plot size, but by their purpose. New Age Provisions' 
roots made it from slaves on the ship, to sharecroppers in the South, to advanced hydroponic farming in the downtown Indianapolis. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire and ability to use the land to feed our families and our communities. 


Mario Vitalis, NAP owner and founder, is able to connect with his ancestors and provide for his family off the land, similar to what his great grandparents did in the South. Today, he is looking to feed his community by feeding a need. We are no longer bound to the rules of traditional farming — technology allows us a new way to farm and a fresh take on the supply chain.


While eating at the Provision restaurant in Indianapolis, Mario and a few friends developed the idea of New Age Provisions. The combination of their use of ‘new age’ farming technology and the site of their brainstorm made for the perfect name, New Age Provisions. Being based in NAPtown (Indianapolis), was just an added bonus! New Age Provisions, LLC was founded on January 15, 2018 from the inspiration of providing fresh produce for their food desert community, as well as the sharecrop stories that Mario grew up listening to from his grandmother. By June 2020, NAP had received their first Greenery container farm to begin growing a wide variety of herbs, produce, and cannabis. Today, they are excited to continue the expansion of their fresh produce into more restaurants and households across Indianapolis.

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